Bath Gel - Natural and Organic

The surfactants used in our personal hygiene products are taken straight from nature. These glucosides and polyglucosides are compatible with the skin’s structure. They are gentle, non-irritant and fully biodegradable.

Optimal cleansing and hydration. GEODERM uses ingredients that are completely natural, skin- and environmentally-friendly, which cleanse and moisturise without the greasy or drying effects of conventional products.

Bath Gel
100% Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Organic bath gel, Natural bath gel).

+ Active Ingredients

  1. Shea Butter is a powerful hydrating and moisturising agent. High in unsaturated fatty acids, it is a natural cell regenerator with good softening properties.
  2. DELOUR Complex is a powerful complex containing vitamins and antioxidants that regulate trans-epidermal water loss, preventing natural loss of skin firmness and elasticity.
  3. Jojoba oil is an excellent skin emollient, providing deep hydration and improved softness, making the skin firmer and more elastic.
  4. Sweet almond oil has excellent nutritional and demulcent properties, provides intense hydration to the skin, including very dry and damaged zones. It contributes actively to the regeneration of the skin’s hydro-lipid layer.
  5. Calendula officinalis has specific toning effects on the skin. Thanks to its high phytosterols saponin and betacarotene content, it is an essential ingredient in cosmetology.
  6. Witch hazel contains tannin content, glucosides and hamamelina. This plant is able to rebalance the skin’s hydro-lipid layer of the skin. It also regulates pores dilation (astringent effect).
  7. Barbadensis Aloe Vera contains anthracine derivatives such as aloe modin, aloin and alion A and B. Rich in glutamic acid, aspartic acid, ascorbic acid, amino acids and vitamin B complex, making it a unique antioxidant, softening, revitalising and regenerating the skin.


Geoderm Quality
  • Natural, organic ingredients.
  • Natural essential oils.
  • No synthetic perfumes, fragrances , or artificial colourants..
  • No petrochemical derivatives or synthetic ingredients.
  • Natural emulsifiersNo synthetic preservatives..
  • Strict quality control product and process .

Geoderm, natural and organic beauty products and cosmetics. .

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