Moisturiser for Normal and Combination Skins

Our skin is always subject to stress, caused by both external attacks and internal factors. Its effectiveness as a protective barrier becomes weakened, and the skin tends to dry out, losing its natural balance.

Your skin is alive, and there is no better way to care for it than using natural products, bursting with life and energy, that restore its natural balance.

GEODERM has created products that moisturise normal skin while maintaining its natural balance, nourishing the drier zones of combination skins and controlling excess sebaceous activity in the so-called T-zone.

Moisturiser for Normal and Combination Skins
Organic moisturiser Natural moisturiser | Geoderm (organic moisturiser, natural moisturiser).

+ Active Ingredients

  1. Jojoba Oil. An excellent emollient, it deeply moisturises and softens the skin..
  2. Royal Jelly. Thanks to its high vitamin content, a source of vitamin B6.
  3. Prevents oily build-up and shine, giving the skin a more refined appearance..
  4. Witch hazel. Witch hazel contains tannins and glucosides. It rebalances the skin’s hydro-lipid layer, regulating pore dilation (astringent effect).
  5. Propolis (bee glue). Highly effective in cases of oily build up and encourages tissue regeneration. Its antioxidants neutralise the free radicals responsible for cell ageing.
  6. Vitamin E. Powerful antioxidant and moisturiser that protects the skin from oxidation.
    This combination together with vitamin C increases the antioxidant and cell regeneration activity.
  7. DELOUR complex, a potent antioxidant and vitamin complex, which regulates trans-epidermal water loss thus avoiding the natural loss of firmness and elasticity from the skin.
  8. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins as a cellular regenerative and protective agent.

+ Results

The natural balance of the skin is regained; the skin maintains its optimum hydration leaving it soft, smooth and elastic.

Shine and excess oil produced by the so-called T zone disappear and the driest areas which characterize combination skin are deeply hydrated.

The result is a more beautiful skin, smooth and luminous, free from shine and perfectly hydrated all day.


Geoderm Quality
  • Natural, organic ingredients.
  • Natural essential oils.
  • No synthetic perfumes, fragrances , or artificial colourants..
  • No petrochemical derivatives or synthetic ingredients.
  • Natural emulsifiersNo synthetic preservatives..
  • Strict quality control product and process .

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