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The first important step in skin care is daily cleansing. GEODERM has developed person hygiene products carefully formulated to care for and cleanse the skin without causing irritation. The main ingredients used in our personal hygiene products are taken directly from nature, glucosides and polyglucosides compatible with the skin’s structure that are gentle, non-irritating and totally biodegradable.

GEODERM shampoo contains the most superior ingredients that restore shine, softness, flexibility and vitality to the hair while caring for and revitalizing the roots and scalp.


100% Organic and Natural Cosmetics  : (organic shampoo, natural shampoo)

+ Active Ingredients

  1. Avocado Oil. Rich in natural oil, minerals, proteins and vitamins A, B, D, E, H, K, and PP for effective treatment of dry skin. It has special qualities that penetrate and protect the skin, scalp and hair, preventing dryness and premature ageing.
  2. Honey contains more than seventy different substances: amino acids and nitrogenous matter; monosaccharides, sucrose and organic acids, antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, group B hydrosolubles and pantothenic acid plus enzymes. All these components make the honey very nourishing for the tissues. It also encourages local microcirculation.
  3. Chamomile (Chamomila Recutita): softens and tones the scalp whilst adding shine to the hair.

+ Results

Healthy, beautiful skin, ready for deep hydration. Hair also has more shine, body, vitality and flexibility. Protects the hair shaft and stimulates the microcirculation in the scalp.


Geoderm Quality
  • Natural, organic ingredients.
  • Natural essential oils.
  • No synthetic perfumes, fragrances , or artificial colourants..
  • No petrochemical derivatives or synthetic ingredients.
  • Natural emulsifiersNo synthetic preservatives..
  • Strict quality control product and process .

Geoderm, natural and organic beauty products and cosmetics. .

You’ll find the best products to care for your skin, cosmetics you need for women, men, children and babies.

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Cosmetics Products Geoderm (Natural & Organic)

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