The holidays are coming to an end, but there are still a few more months of winter in sight and a long period of spending... January also brings us Blue Monday, considered the most depressing day of the year. Taking place on the third Monday in January - which this year falls on January 16, 2023 - Blue Monday is supposedly the saddest day of the year, due to a combination of bad weather and the lingering aftermath of holiday excess.

The idea of Blue Monday was first conceived by Dr. Cliff Arnall in 2005 and was published as part of a Sky Travel press release.

GEODERM wants to help you add a touch of color to this day with natural makeup, so they have made a selection of several products that will bring color to this gray day.

1. Blue for a blue day: Royal Blue eyeshadow.

Maybe a Monday is not the best day to paint your eyes excessively, but what if we add a bluish touch to the look with a natural and vegan eye shadow? It's a great way to add color to the day and make 'Blue Monday' less dreary and more colorful.

GEODERM Royal Blue Eyeshadow: A sumptuous detail that extends the depth of what your eyes promise. Interesting by nature, it plays with the intensity of your look. GEODERM eyeshadows with vegan ingredients subtly adhere around the eyes. They bring color, depth and width to the eyes for an intense and luminous look. 

100% natural formula with high quality mineral pigments.

Blue eyeshadow

2. Pintalabios rojo fuego: una dosis de poder y confianza.

No hay nada como un labial para empoderar a quien lo lleva y para darle más poder y energía al día. Los labiales de GEODERM evocan una sonrisa intensa, capaz de iluminar hasta el día más gris. Sus barras de labios orgánicas proporcionan un color intenso, que define la curvatura de los labios durante horas.

Sus pigmentos minerales de alta calidad se funden perfectamente con la piel para un acabado satinado natural y favorecedor. El tono ‘fire’ es un rojo intenso que proporciona confianza en una misma, sube el ánimo e invita a que el día sea mejor.

Los labiales de GEODERM contienen los siguientes principios activos:

• Aceite de ricino: Es un aliado valioso de nuestra belleza, gracias a su poder regenerador y a sus propiedades calmantes.

• Aceite de Almendras Dulces: El aceite de almendras tiene propiedades emolientes, suavizantes e hidratantes. 

• Vitamina E: Tiene muchas propiedades, pero destaca por ser conocido como la vitamina de la juventud y la belleza. Es un antioxidante que protege a las células de toda agresión externa como la contaminación, pesticidas y el estrés, principal causa del envejecimiento prematuro. La vitamina E contribuye también de forma importante en la producción de energía.

Fire lipstick

3. Highlighter: to shine and dazzle.

The good thing about days with gray tones or sad moments is that everything has the ability to shine more, you can say that the contrast is greater. The same applies to the skin; nothing brightens a dull face more than a highlighter, because the mood is not the same on a day when we look in the mirror and see a lifeless face as on a day when the skin is glowing brightly.

GEODERM's highlighter enhances the light of the eyes, lips or any part of the face with a shimmering finish. Smooth and gliding application, it achieves a fine, hydrated, radiant look through natural formulas with coconut oil and vitamin E. A highlighter with natural ingredients.

The exclusive combination of high quality mineral pigments brings brightness and luminosity to the skin allowing to create an elegant and personal look, fresh and with a surprising "Good Face" effect. Available in two luxurious shades for a very special touch. 

Natural Highlighter

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