Draping is a method of applying blusher that gives the face luminosity, as well as contouring it and adding a touch of color. This method of blush application is about 40 years old, but now it's making a comeback - yes, the 80s are back in pink mode on our cheeks!

The idea behind this makeup is that if you apply blush following the natural bone structure of the face, you can create a smoother, healthier look. To use the draped method, it is important to know how to apply blush correctly and to choose the right blush color for this method. In addition, it is also essential to take steps to prepare the skin properly for makeup application.


Use the right type of brush. In this case, the product is not only to be applied on the cheeks, so it is better to use a smaller brush for less extensive areas such as the brow bones. For the cheeks, a normal brush can be used.


Apply foundation before you start using the blush. It is important to ensure that the concealer and foundation are well blended before proceeding.  Concealer should also be applied before blusher.


For a beautiful drape, it is advisable to apply a darker shade of blush. This will give the face a more contoured look. A lighter shade can be used for blending afterwards. The idea is to apply a light layer to help contour the face and give the face a healthy look. Then bring the blusher up to the temples and use powder foundation to blend it out.


The next step is to apply the blush on the most marked points of the face. Apply a little neutral blusher on the points of the face that you want to highlight. When applying the blusher, it is best to do it with light touches and circular movements.

Add make-up powder to even it all out. Finish with more blusher, highlighter and a setting spray for an even more eighties touch.

The key to blush contouring is in the placement of the product. Instead of applying blusher to the cheeks, it is placed on top of the cheekbones. A blusher brush is used to blend the blush toward the temples to buff out the color. 

It is recommended to start with a light application and build up to the desired intensity. If you want to enhance and define the cheekbones, the ideal is to concentrate most of the pigmentation towards the perimeter of the face. It will be more striking and therefore more eighties.


GEODERM has 3 shades of compact blushes ideal for achieving perfection in this technique. These blushes enhance cheekbones and cheeks and add a touch of color to the face. They are blushes of vegan origin with mineral pigments and high quality mica.

Geoderm compact blushes are of natural and vegan origin. Choose the shade that best suits the skin to give a special touch to the look of every day, getting a fresh and natural look.

Its main active ingredient isvitamin E: known as the vitamin of youth and beauty. It is an antioxidant that protects cells from all external aggressions such as pollution, pesticides and stress, the main cause of premature aging. Vitamin E is also an important contributor to energy production.

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