Lipstick is a small stick made of a compact, greasy substance whose main use is to give colour to the lips.

Already in ancient Mesopotamia, crushed semi-precious stones were used to adorn both lips and eyes. This practice later spread to Egypt, where crushed beetle powder was used. 

The fashion for lip colour would continue in Greek and Roman cultures.

In medieval Europe the Church banned make-up, so it was not until the 16th century that it was revived by Queen Elizabeth I, who made red lips and pale faces fashionable. During this time lipsticks were made with a mixture of beeswax and red pigments from plants. 

Around 1850 what we know today as lipstick was born, mainly due to the change to more health-friendly ingredients.

The first lipstick in modern history appeared in 1884, created by perfumers in Paris. It was a paste made of deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil wrapped in tissue paper. 


The main purpose of lipstick is to give colour to the lips, but we can also extend its use and make it have not just one, but three uses. 

Lately, versatile and practical products are all the rage. Whether for travel or everyday use, we need to have products that are as practical as possible, easy to carry and easy to apply.

Lipstick is a very versatile cosmetic, it is a 3 in 1 product, perfect to take anywhere and touch up your make-up whenever you need it.

Purpose: to do a complete make-up of lips, cheeks and eyes with just one lipstick. Its 3 uses:

- As a lipstick: Mainly that the lipstick is creamy, so the look can be more juicy and natural.

- As a blusher: Put some lipstick on your hand and take a little bit of product with your fingers and dab it on your cheeks.

- As eyeshadow: Take a dab of product with your fingers and dab it on your eyelids from the tear trough outwards.


GEODERM, the Spanish cosmetics firm specialising in organic, natural and sustainable cosmetics, has a range of lipsticks with up to 18 different shades.

These lipsticks have a silky and light texture to draw attention to your lips. The product melts on the lips like a balm for a style that lasts for hours. Its Bio formulation contains nourishing oils and vitamin E.

Benefits of using GEODERM lipsticks:

1. High-quality mineral pigments blend perfectly with the skin for a natural, flattering satin finish. 

2. It has a wide range of certified natural colours with 18 shades to choose from. 

3. Contains castor oil: With a high regenerative power and excellent soothing properties.

4. Contains sweet almond oil: An oil with emollient, softening and moisturising properties.

5. Contains Vitamin E: It has many properties, but stands out for being known as the vitamin of youth and beauty. It is an antioxidant that protects cells from all external aggressions such as pollution, pesticides and stress, the main cause of premature ageing. 

6. They are organic and biological: 99.2% of their ingredients are of natural origin and 32.58% are of organic origin.

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