Lip gloss is a cosmetic used primarily to brighten the lips. 

In the early 20th century, the glamour and decadence of film was slightly limited by the appearance of makeup on actors' faces. Color began to be introduced into the film industry, however, makeup artists still used the same cosmetics they employed for actors in black and white films. This paved the way for the first makeup used in color films. 

Lip gloss appeared in 1930. Created especially for film, the original purpose of gloss was to give lips a glossy appearance on camera. The glossy, almost crystal-like aesthetic gave actors the healthy look they were going for, and it fit well with the smooth, porcelain skin worn at the time.

This product has had more and less brilliant times. In the 1990s it became a very popular product. It was also a perfect cosmetic for teenagers who were shyly entering the world of beauty.

This last decade the 'Lip Gloss' or lip gloss is coming back stronger than ever thanks to new versions such as its volumizing format or the options with a touch of color that give the looks a feminine, but subtle tone.


The main purpose of a lip gloss is to give the lips a glossy finish and, in some cases, to add subtle color.

Lip glosses can be liquid or solid, easy to apply. They are usually shiny, but can also have a glossy, opalescent or metallic finish. This product in its liquid version provides more shine than in its solid format because a thicker layer of cosmetic is added to the lips. Lip glosses can be used alone or over lipstick to enhance the lips and make them fuller. They are ideal for those who want their lips to appear fuller and more feminine.


GEODERM, the Spanish cosmetics firm specializing in organic, natural and sustainable cosmetics has two lip gloss options in its catalog.

These are silky and captivating glosses. Their light and radiant texture makes a sophisticated and subtle impact. With organic ingredients, its application is uniform, rich. It moisturizes the lips immediately and for the rest of the day.

Benefits of using GEODERM lip glosses:

1. Provides color in a subtle and feminine way.

2. It has two shades to choose from (coral and deep pink).

3. Contains castor oil: with great regenerating power and excellent soothing properties.

4. Contain abyssinian oil: it is an oil capable of homogenizing pigments very well, achieving a more heterogeneous effect. In addition, due to its qualities, it gives the final product good extensibility.

5. They are organic and biological: 100% of their ingredients are of natural origin and 31.7% are of organic origin.

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