Oily skin is the result of excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands located in the deeper layers of the skin. Its appearance can be worsened by poor or excessive cleansing, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, not using the right products for this type of skin and even a poor diet.

Visible pores, pimples, blackheads or blackheads, excess shine and pigmentation spots are some of the most common characteristics of oily skin. If you have this type of complexion, you need to take specific care to avoid the appearance of imperfections and keep oil under control. Fortunately, the experts at GEODERM have some tips on how to properly care for oily skin.


Preventing excessive facial oiliness involves a combination of specific care, the use of adapted routines and the use of products suitable for this skin type.

1. Attention to facial cleansing: It is essential and the most advisable thing to do is twice a day, once in the morning to remove the impurities that are generated during the night while we sleep and once before going to bed to remove make-up and all the dirt that has been created during the day. 

2. Use non-comedogenic and oil free products: Oil free products will not be greasy. Texture is also important. They should be fluid textures such as serums, emulsions, gels or light creams, as they are non-greasy.

3. Yes to hydration: We often make the mistake of not moisturising our skin properly for fear of making our face oilier, but in reality we can end up with something worse: dehydration. The difference is that moisturised skin has a high water content, while oily skin is full of oils or lipids. Include a quality moisturiser in your daily routine.

4. Eat right: Eating a balanced diet rich in healthy fats such as those found in fish, fruits, vegetables and high fibre foods and avoiding foods with a high glycaemic index such as refined flours or products with sugars, is beneficial to avoid acne breakouts and skin imbalances that contribute to oily skin.

5. Do not exfoliate excessively: It is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week at most. Exfoliation is very helpful in reducing the amount of sebum produced. However, the choice of exfoliator should be gentle.

6. Always use sunscreen:  Oily skins have a disadvantage compared to the rest, they are more prone to develop spots or hyperpigmentation after acne outbreaks. Sunscreen is therefore essential and will help reduce the likelihood of facial blemishes. The good news is that it is the slowest ageing skin type and is also the most resistant against.


GEODERM proposes cleansing and moisturising the skin with three of its products: cleansing foam, moisturising fluid and cleansing mask.  

1. CLEANSING FOAM (Organic, ORGANIC and Vegan):

This foaming cleanser removes impurities while hydrating and regenerating the skin. Contains acai extract, centella asiatica extract and thyme extract. For all skin types.

Contains natural ingredients such as acai extract, centella asiatica and thyme extract that remove impurities while soothing and moisturising the skin, leaving it clean and fresh. 

- 98.98% ingredients of natural origin

- 100% vegan

- 75.75% organic ingredients


- Cleanses and cares for the skin

- Soothes sensitive skin

- Moisturises the skin


Regulates and balances your skin. With a sebum-regulating effect, it helps to reduce inflammation and shiny skin, providing the necessary hydration. It should be applied day and night.

The combination of natural ingredients, such as alpina epilobium complex and cannabidiol, with soothing and sebum-regulating properties, help regulate and balance oily or acne-prone skin, while hyaluronic acid provides the necessary hydration. Very light and easily absorbed. 

- 99.51% ingredients of natural origin 

- 100% vegan 

- 77.63% organic ingredients 


- Moisturises and mattifies 

- Skin sebum regulating properties 

- Anti-inflammatory properties 

3. CLEANSING MASK (Organic, ORGANIC and Vegan):

Cleanses and cares for your skin. With a purifying and antioxidant effect, it removes impurities from the skin and pores while moisturising and regenerating naturally. Contains burdock extract, willow extract and ginkgo biloba. For all skin types. Apply once a week.

The combination of natural extracts and oils such as burdock, willow and ginkgo biloba cleanse the pores and impurities of the skin. With soothing and purifying properties, it regulates excess sebum leaving skin soft and smooth. 

- 99.5% ingredients of natural origin

- 100% vegan

- 73% organic ingredients


- Cleanses skin and pores of impurities.

- Regulates skin oil production.

- Provides antioxidant properties and stimulates cell regeneration.

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