Celebrity makeup artists like Scott Barnes and Mary Phillips are big fans of this technique (they are the makeup artists of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber). A technique that they declare is 'old school', old school, but today has gained great popularity thanks to social networks.

What is Underpainting?

The underpainting technique consists of applying concealer first, contouring, placing blusher and sometimes even applying highlighter under foundation as well. The reason for this order is simple: it gives a very natural look. The advantage is that you can create a very subtle, blended makeup with a skin-like finish.

It looks as if the person is hardly wearing any makeup, however, the feeling of glow and healthy skin is evident if the technique is done correctly.

How is this technique performed?

As far as beauty tricks go, underpainting is simple. To begin with, you should prepare your face as you would normally, with good skin care and foundation. Preparing the skin correctly is key to making this trend look its best.

Ideally, start first with concealer to conceal any imperfections, redness or dark circles. Next, it is recommended to blend with a brush or damp makeup sponge. Next, apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter to the face as you normally would, and blend each of these products with a different brush or your fingertips. 

To make the products underneath show through, it's best to choose a light, liquid foundation. If it is too opaque, it may cover the first layer of products. To apply the last layer, it will be essential to use a brush or sponge so that the product blends better. If you make dabbing movements instead of sweeping, you will also be able to keep the different pigments in place and this will help them not to smudge.

The best products to achieve this:

For under-eye concealer, it is preferable to use a product with which you can achieve adjustable coverage, just in the most needed areas such as dark circles, redness or around the nose. In this respect, a slightly denser product in lipstick format such as GEODERM's concealer can work wonders, as it is easy to apply in strategic areas, does not stain and also allows you to adjust the coverage.


Other products such as blusher, bronzer or highlighter can be used in a creamy format or also in a compact style to adhere better to the skin. GEODERM products for each function can be perfect for perfect underpainting.

Given the nature of this makeup trick, for foundation, cream and liquid products work best. If you use a creamy texture, layering will allow you to blend everything out perfectly. GEODERM's liquid foundationwith a translucent finish is very. Effective for this popular technique.

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