Our skin traps moisture thanks to natural oils, which act as a protective and moisturizing barrier. In general, dry skin is caused by a weakened skin barrier. The reason your skin doesn't function as well as it should in this season i

Symptoms of dry skin can include itching, flaking and redness, although in more severe cases, skin can also crack. Fortunately, the experts at GEODERM have some tips for avoiding discomfort and skin damage during the winter.


This is due to the accumulation of environmental conditions. Not only is the outside humidity lower, but the cold temperatures mean we spend more time indoors, which is not always ideal for the skin. In winter, the ambient humidity is low, but we are also exposed to the air or heat caused, which will contribute to lower indoor humidity and dry skin.

Due to the natural seasonal climate, the skin is also exposed to less sunlight in winter. In addition to being a good source of vitamin D, sunlight is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help certain health conditions.

In addition to seasonal changes, genetics can influence skin dryness. Some people have drier skin because they do not produce enough of a protein called filaggrin, which is involved in the formation and hydration of the skin barrier. 


Preventing dryness in winter involves a combination of changing habits, using adapted routines and reading ingredient labels carefully.

1. Limit the length and frequency of your showers: A long, hot shower feels great when it's cold, but, unfortunately, it's no good if you suffer from dry skin. Over-washing causes dry skin, as the heat of the water dries out the skin's oils. Ideally, limit showers to between 5 and 10 minutes and do it with lukewarm water.

2. Apply moisturizer right after the shower: The time to moisturize the skin is also key. After showering, it is advisable to towel dry the skin and immediately apply moisturizer.  The function of most moisturizers is to trap moisture in your skin. When you apply a moisturizer on very, very dry skin, it is not going to be as useful because there is no moisture to trap. Applying moisturizers to damp skin is much more beneficial.

3. Read labels and use ingredients that are beneficial to your skin: When thinking about which products to use it will be important to read the ingredients on the label and check the naturalness of the product, the more natural the less chance of irritating effects. Lotions that have a lot of alcohol and fragrance can cause irritation and worsen the situation.

4. Use specific moisturizing products: Anti-aging products may work well in summer, but the ingredients they contain, which help rapid skin cell renewal, may be too drying in winter. When it comes to winter, a specific moisturizing routine is ideal.

5. Don't over-exfoliate: Soap is known to dry out skin oils. Exfoliating too much can also be harmful, especially on the face. It is recommended to exfoliate this area once or twice a week at most.

6. Use a humidifier: Using a humidifier in the room where you sleep can help reduce the effects of spending too much time in dry, low-humidity environments. It is best to set the device to between 30% and 50% humidity.


GEODERM proposes to moisturize and protect the skin with the GEODERM moisturizing routine.  A pack with the three best-selling products for a daily routine: serum, cream and contour.  Three products accompanied by a practical vanity case to store all your GEODERM products. For all skin types. 


This serum contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients for deep hydration. It prevents wrinkles and damage caused by external aggressions and stress. Contains hyaluronic acid, biosaccharides and Antipollution Ferment®. For all skin types. To be applied day and night.

Combines ingredients of natural origin with proven efficacy. Biosaccharides and hyaluronic acid of low and very low molecular weight deeply moisturize from the outer to the innermost layers of the epidermis and stimulate cell regeneration, preventing and diminishing wrinkles and skin marks. The anti-pollution complex combats and prevents damage caused by external aggressions and stress.  Light texture with high penetration.

- 99.5% ingredients of natural origin

- 100% vegan 

- 85.94% organic ingredients


- Moisturizes and prevents wrinkles, visibly reducing the signs of aging.

- Protects and repairs the skin against the aggressive effects of the environment and stress.

- Cellular regenerator.

Moisturizing serum


Moisturizes and protects the skin. Natural formula of intense and immediate action that moisturizes and diminishes expression lines, in addition to protecting the skin from pollution and daily stress, for a radiant complexion and natural glow. Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and anti-pollution ferment®. For all skin types. To be applied day and night.

It is composed of natural ingredients that moisturize, soften and protect the skin. The synergy of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight, in addition to moisturizing, prevents and diminishes expression lines. In addition, vitamin C contributes to the metabolism and production of collagen to ensure elasticity and uniformity in skin tone and texture. The antipollution ferment® nourishes and protects the skin from daily exposure to pollutants and everyday stress. Its texture is smooth and easily absorbed. 

- 99.34% ingredients of natural origin

- 100% vegan

- 73.95% organic ingredients 


- Stimulates collagen production for greater skin elasticity.

- Protects the skin from pollution.

Moisturinz cream

3. EYE CONTOUR (Organic, ORGANIC and Vegan):

With moisturizing, firming and anti-inflammatory effect. Advanced natural treatment that treats wrinkles, bags and dark circles in the delicate areas around the eyes and lips. Contains spilanthes, hyaluronic acid and caffeine. For all skin types. It is recommended to apply day and night.

Contains specific active ingredients that revitalize the eye and lip contour skin. The high concentration of natural ingredients such as spilanthes that relaxes the skin, hyaluronic acid that nourishes, and caffeine that stimulates cellular absorption of nutrients and prevents fluid retention, revitalizes the delicate areas around the eyes and lips, treating wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.     

- 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin

- 100% vegan

- 73% organic ingredients


- Prevents skin contractions around the eye and lip contour from marking.

- Moisturizes, revitalizes and diminishes skin furrows.

- Prevents fluid retention, treating eye bags.

Eye contour

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